Your Element Central Vacuum provides powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility with a wide variety of cleaning kits, accessories and powerheads.

These accessories are specifically designed for today's home decor and can clean all interior surfaces including hard-surface flooring, all carpet types, rugs, walls, ceilings, window treatments, upholstery and much more!

Below are just some of the accessories and kits offered for your Element Central Vacuum. Contact us to learn more about our complete offering

Garage Care Kit
To tackle the dirtiest and toughest jobs in garages and basements,
the Garage Kit includes a rugged 30’ hose, 20” wide utility brush,
adjustable aluminum wand, durable crevice tool, dusting brush and fabric brush, mesh bag caddy and a wire hose rack.
Car Care Kit
Designed for powerful cleanups of messes in vehicles, campers, boats and RVs, the Car Care Kit includes a 30’ hose, durable crevice tool, dusting brush and fabric brush, mesh bag caddy and a wire hose rack.
Installed in standard cabinets, Vroom is instantly accessible when you need it. With up to 24 feet of built-in retractable hose, Vroom is ideal for fast cleanups in high-traffic areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, workshops and garages. For even more  convenience, Vroom turns on and off automatically.
Designed for on-the-spot cleaning, Spot stores up to 10 feet of retractable hose in the wall. Just lift the lid and pull out the hose – it retracts back into the wall when finished. Spot is perfect near dryer lint screens, litter boxes, pet food dishes and busy entrances.
Gives your broom the power of a central vac. A touch of your foot activates the powerful vacuum suction and quickly cleans away swept debris from the floor.
 Dust Mop Tool
Great for hard-surface floors. The Dust Mop Tool easily lifts away dirt and dust trapped deep in crevices, while the fluffy your flooring to a clean, shiny finish.
   Ceiling Fan Brush
Easily cleans any ceiling fan.  The unique design slides over and under the fan blades, and instantly removes dust and eliminates messy dust fallout.
   Vertical Blind Brush
The Electrostatic brushes attract dust like a magnet while sliding
between the blind slats. The wide air vent vacuums three slats at once – never dust blinds again!
   Pet Grooming Tools
These large, oval pet brushes powerfully remove pet hair and dander as you groom and comb your pets. Adjustable straps hold the brush securely for easy use.
   Hose Sock
This soft cover fits snugly over the hose to protect woodwork, furniture and corners from scuffs and scratches.
The RugRat is a handheld turbine power brush that offers the same
powerful cleaning performance as our turbine powerheads. This versatile attachment is ideal for carpeted stairs, upholstery and car interiors.